Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bad Blogger

Another week has just about gone by and I have not blogged.

My trip was so much fun. I enjoyed myself and my friends. I did not get a ton done but it was fun. We met a couple ladies that were just so funny. I am so glad they were tabled with us. It really lightened up the weekend. I will have to get some layouts posted here.

I am having a wonderful day. The weather is great and the kids are great. We are about to do an activity. I was looking online at and they have some great crafts. I always use that site when needing an idea!! I should get that magazine one day.

My weekend so far looks uneventful. I think I am going to try and see the movie Click with Chris. It should be nice for us. We need something, not sure what...but we need something. Oh and I get to teach Sunday School for the whole month of July! I am so looking forward to it! I think the kids will like having me there.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What a week!

I have been an awful blogger. But in my defense my computer was down for days. Something happened. Not sure what. Maybe a virus. I just do not know. It was awful....awful not to blog and awful not to chat with my online friends. So sad.

Well I had a crummy week! Hot water heater broke....sucked bad. But it was fixed today.

My kids had Sports Camp this week. They LOVE it. It is so much fun. Makes for a good nap when we get home :) Well I am signing out until Monday morning.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A mini Target trip!!

Last night we decided to go peek around Target as Chris wanted a new game from Best Buy. So off he and Adrian go to look at video games. Makayla, Kyler and I head over to Target....grab some popcorn and an Icee and start looking around.

I ended up getting Kyler some summer clothes (2 outfits). He will look so cute!! I love Target clearance stuff! It rocks.

I also got this super cute orange bag for my trip! It is big enough for some clothes and things to go on my scrap retreat. Also on clearance for 8.84! Great deal. It will also double as our Music in the Park bag. Our town every Tues night and Weds afternoon has local bands play. You go there eat some lunch/dinner and hang out. Tons of fun and the kids LOVE it!! You can pack a lunch or they even have delicious food there, yum!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Yesterday and today were pretty uneventful! So I really do not have much to say. Last night I did buy some Heidi Swapp chipboard letters!! I got pink, brown and white of these!! I think I will be in love. I have not bought scrapping stuff since I became jobless, lol. So what a nice treat.

I am toying with the idea of buying the Mimi large rolling tote.

Because in ONE week I will be going on a weekend crop with a group of my friends and my sister. It should be so much fun!! I am so excited. I will have to write more about that tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Swimming Fun

So my parents are the greatest! Yesterday they bought my kids a little pool so they can swim. The weather has been pretty great out! But yesterday it was on the verge of raining. But we braved it anyway! The kids had so much fun. Once they started shivering we decided it was best to come inside to some warm towels! Here are a few of my fav pics of the day.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My Kids

All three smiling and looking at me. These moments do not happen often! They sure keep me busy....thats for sure.

We were having a laid back day. So excuse the messiness of them.

First time blogging.

So I decided maybe I should start a blog. Not like I have anything interesting to say. But my life is a bit hectic and I guess this can give me a place to vent or chat about it. Fun times.

Well I will make a new post as soon as I decide. Or after I make sure this works for me!!

Have a wonderful day!